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10 Best Protein Foods for Weight Loss

Protein is beneficial for health, including weight loss, fewer hunger pangs, feeling fuller, muscle building, etc. eating a balanced diet is an essential part of health. Many of us have only intake those eggs and boring chicken for protein intake. Give your body a week for protein intake. 

Choose wisely about the rich protein foods and count the calories. If you overeat protein, then you may have a risk of kidney or liver disease. Proteins are the main building blocks for organs, tissues, muscles. Children need protein for growth and nourishment. It helps you in weight loss and strengthen your muscles and lose your belly fat. 

So here, we will discuss ten best protein food for weight loss.


Chicken breast is the primary source of protein. It is a delicious dish and has a significant amount of protein if you eat it without skin. Chicken is easy to cook and has many health benefits. After eating chicken, you will feel full for a long time. White meat has a lot amount of energy. 


Oats are the healthy grain that is full of protein and helps in weight loss. Oats are a source of carbohydrates. Make a breakfast of oatmeal and add healthy fruits and nuts in it.  Oatmeal is full of fiber and other healthy nutrients. 


Milk is the best drink for nourishing your body’s need. It has all the essential nutrients that our body and bones need. Drink a daily glass of milk for healthy living forever. Some people have allergies with milk, and then dairy milk is not recommended for them. 

There is alternative milk for soy milk; allergic patients can drink that. Milk is full of protein and nutrients. Drink a daily glass of milk in the morning will strengthen your bone and give you much energy. Cow milk is excellent for those who can tolerate drinking milk.

Tuna fish:

Tuna is full of protein has a low-calorie count. Tuna is a good source of nutrients because it contains the omega-3 factor. You can bake tuna fish or add them to your salad dressing. You can eat tuna as a snack in the evening. Do not overdress tuna by having mayonnaise or yogurt to add many calories. 


Broccoli is a healthy vegetable that is full of nutrients. It is full of protein than other vegetables. Broccoli has bioactive nutrients that help to protect you from chronic diseases. Broccoli has 31 calories in a cup. 

Pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin is full of nutrients and contains edible seeds. If you are on the journey of weight loss, eat dry pumpkin, not the roasted one. It has omega-3, which is healthy for the body. Pumpkin has digestible protein, which stabilizes your body sugar level and is beneficial for diabetic patients. Pumpkin seeds are the best snack for weight loss. 

Chia seeds:

Chia seeds are rich in protein and absorb by the body. Chia seeds are full of energy and can use as dressing for many foods. Some people use chia seed as a substitute for egg because it is highly rich in protein. Excess of everything is terrible; if you add too much chia seed in your food, then you might start bloating or diarrhea problem. 


Peanuts are the primary source of protein. Peanuts help you in weight loss because it suppresses the feeling of hunger pangs. Intake of nuts and peanuts in a moderate amount is beneficial for health and weight loss. Your body needs protein in a small amount, and if your intake is right, it will give you benefits.

Brussels sprouts:

Brussels is from the family of broccoli. As broccoli has many health benefits and protein enrich, Brussels sprouts are also full of vitamins, fiber, and protein. 


Avocado is full of protein and has healthy unsaturated fat, which is healthy for the body. Avocado is rich with protein, fiber, and potassium.  Excess of avocado is not healthy for the body, so limit the intake for health benefits.


There are thousands of o foods enriched with protein, but it will benefit your body if you take it in a moderate amount. Excess of everything is a curse for you. So stay healthy and stay happy! 🙂

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