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5 Best Cheese to Eat for Weight Loss

Cheese never considered for weight loss due to the saturated fat present in it. We are worried about eating cheese because of health. But it is no more, some cheese helps you in the digestion process and won’t let you obese. 

Studies show that shredded cheese in a little amount is good for health. Cheese enriched with calcium, protein, and other nutrients help in digestion and cease the craving for unhealthy food.  

You will lose weight when you eat the right cheese in the right amount. Only cheese with high fat and salt will make you obese, but the cheese, which is low in fat and salt, is good for health. 

Here we will discuss low fat and salt cheese which is good for health and weight loss:

Mozzarella cheese:

Mozzarella cheese is soft, low in fat and salt. It is not a dense cheese, and you can enjoy this with your delicious foods. Mozzarella cheese made with probiotic bacteria, which helps boost the immune system and helps fight against inflammation in your body. Mozzarella cheese is tasty and delicious. It is not the only cheese low in fat, but there are many more. You will get obese or cause heart disease if you eat mozzarella cheese frequently. 

Feta cheese:

Feta cheese is low in calories because feta cheese made from goat or sheep milk. Feta cheese is soft, salty, and white with delicious taste. Feta cheese is packed in salt to maintain its freshness; it may be a bit salty, but it is low in calories. Due to the high sodium in it, we suggested drinking plenty of water when you take it. You can take feta cheese by crumbling it over salad, with eggs, or dip fresh vegetables with cheese. 

Cottage cheese:

Cottage cheese is white low in calories and made from loose curd of cow milk. Cheese is high in protein and will keep you full for longer. A limited amount of cheese is essential for the human body. Cottage cheese is low in calories, so it is excellent to take it in snacks. Cottage cheese has antioxidants that help to reduce body inflammation. Add cottage cheese with an omelet for nutritional purposes. It tastes so good, so you can add it in smoothies, or dip with snacks. 

Ricotta cheese:

Ricotta cheese made from the watery part of goat, sheep, cow milk. Ricotta cheese is called the lighter version of cottage cheese. Ricotta cheese contains all the essential nutrients which a human body requires. Ricotta cheese is creamy so that you can add it in a salad for good taste. Ricotta cheese helps to promote muscles and lower blood pressure. Ricotta cheese is low in calories, fats, and salt. 

Cheddar cheese:

Cheddar cheese extracted from matured cow milk after some months. Cheese may have a white, yellow, or off white color. Cheddar cheese is rich in protein, calcium, vitamin K. Vitamin K is healthy for bone and heart health and prevents calcium from depositing in your blood arteries or veins. Cheddar cheese is healthy for your heart and prevents from any heart disease. 


Cheese is healthy for human health and the most frequent consumption of the dairy product. Some cheese is high in fat but unhealthy for the body and causes weight gain. Some cheese is low in calories and rich with protein and calcium. Cheese is nutritiously healthy to intake for a balanced life. Do not overeat cheese. Keep that in mind, a little is healthy and enjoyable for staying healthy. Health is life, eat healthy stay healthy. 😊

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