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6 Best Nuts to Eat for Weight Loss

Nuts are enriched with protein, healthy fat, and low in carbs, which stimulates weight loss. Nuts are healthy to eat in a limited amount and keep calories in mind. When you feel a craving for snacks, you can eat nuts at any time. Some nuts are healthy for weight loss and to reduce the risk of a heart attack. 

You can take healthy nutritional benefits from nuts. Nuts are small in size but enrich with energy. If you eat a lot of nuts in a day, you will overeat calories to your diet, which is not beneficial for weight loss. You can add these healthy nuts in your salads, over a smoothie, or take as a whole to replace snacks. Nuts are healthy and slow down the process of aging. You can mix all nuts in a bowl, eat and take one or two tablespoons.

Here we will discuss six healthy nuts that are helpful to satisfy the craving of snacks and helps in weight loss. 

Top 6 nuts for weight loss:


Almonds can be taken as a superfood when the craving for snacks. Almonds are enriched with healthy fats protein and antioxidant that improves heart health. Almonds are the vital source of amino acid-like L-arginine that helps to burn fat and boost weight loss. You can eat seven almonds every day that strengthen your memorial cells in the brain. Fiber and protein in almonds help you to boost metabolism as well as keep you full for longer. You will less crave to eat anything after having a healthy protein nut.  If you are an ulcer patient, then soak almonds for 2 hours in tap water and remove almond skin before eating almonds lower the cholesterol and blood pressure level for obese patients. 


Pistachios are hidden in their shells, and this shows that they are worth eating for your health. These shells remind you how much you have eaten, so do not overeat at a time. When you are feeling bored or have a movie, you can eat healthy nuts as a snack. When you eat one pistachio, then take some time break to deshell other pistachio is beneficial for your body to digest completely the first one. Slow eating and mindful eating will lead to weight loss. Pistachios are also full of fiber and protein, so you cannot overeat at a time. You will feel full for longer with few pistachios. 


As the shape of the walnut says a lot about its health properties. Walnut shape is like the shape of your brain, so it is beneficial for your brain. When you deshell, the walnut could help to stimulate fat loss and promote a healthy body weight. Walnut is enriched with omega-3 fatty acid that helps to suppress hunger pangs and helps in weight loss. 

Brazil nuts:

Brazil nuts are the primary source of selenium, protecting your body from oxidative stress and helping you in weight loss. Brazil nuts also help you to prevent many chronic diseases and boost metabolism. If you ever eat brazil nut, you will know the taste is a little creamy and delicious. Brazil nuts are used in ice-creams to enhance the flavor and for health benefits. A handful of walnut each day will help in weight loss and to maintain a healthy weight. 


Peanuts are enriched with protein that gives you energy and decreases the risk of a heart attack. Women can also eat peanuts during pregnancy because it is healthy for the baby health. Plain peanuts are healthy instead of processed or salted. Peanuts are full of fiber and protein and keep your tummy full for longer. No need for craving after eating peanut and the best thing is that you can eat peanut anytime. 


Cashew is light in color and delicate in taste that no one can deny its taste. Cashew is the only nut that everyone likes and loves to eat it anytime. The best time to eat cashew is in the morning. Cashews are rich with protein, vitamins, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Cashew is eaten as raw or roast it little. Cashew regulates the immune system and improves brain function. Cashew has antioxidant properties that help to regulate body functions. These nuts will help to reduce the stress and inflammation.

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