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7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

You can lose weight without dieting or follow the right exercise session every day. There are no magic pills for instant weight loss, but there are simple changes in lifestyle, which may help to lose weight. Here we will discuss natural ways to lose weight without having diet plans. 

Eat breakfast regularly:

Eating breakfast is essential for your body. Body needs kick to start your metabolism and want energy for the day, eating protein-rich breakfast that includes fresh fruits, juices, egg, and veggies to keep you feeling full for longer and makes you feel less hungry at next meal.

Chew food slowly:

Eating slowly and chewing every bite of food thoroughly will give your body a chance to register how much it has taken on. Sit down at a table and eat from the plate, so you can focus on enjoying the taste of food. 

Chewing slowly and a complete meal will give you a chance to metabolize the food completely. When you eat fast, your belly can not register the calories; thus, you keep going on adding calories to your body. 

Just fix the time to complete the meal, if you finish your meal before time, then you came to know that you were eating fast and your body does not register the food and fast eating will increase your body fat because it requires more time to body for its digestion.

Use smaller plates:

Some people have the habit to full the plate and tend to finish all the food on that plate, but they could lower their calories by the minimal effort of reducing the plate size. By using a small plate size, they will eat less food if they fill up the plate with food whereas bigger plate size can make a serving smaller and tend you to add more food. Here is the best trick for weight loss, by serving healthy food in the large plates and unhealthy foods on the smaller plate. It’s just a way to trick your brain by having smaller plates; it would think that you are eating more than you are. 

Eat without electronic distraction:

People who eat when they are watching TV or playing games may lose track of how much they have eaten, and this may lead to overeating habit. If you regularly consume food while watching electronic media, you could be more likely to overeat when a person avoid distraction and pay full attention on how the food taste and be aware of the signs that the body is complete. Mindful eating would help to reduce food craving and improve portion control.

Avoid stress taking:

Stress may cause a person emotional eating, and it may lead to eating unhealthy food to try to improve a negative mood. For avoiding stress conditions get regular exercise, spending time outdoor and practising meditation or mindfulness. Whereas poor may also increase hunger pangs and craving, and it tends for weight gain. Poor sleep and excessive stress may mess up with important metabolic hormones and will be the cause of excess body fat. 

Drink more water:

Everyone drinks water, but staying hydrated is essential for maintaining good health. It also helps to control appetite and weight loss too. Drinking water before a meal will contribute to lesser intake of calories. If you replace the calories related drink with water, then you may even experience a more significant effect.

Eat unhealthy food in red plate:

There is one unusual strategy to use red plates to help eat less, but it works. Let’s tricking minds by eating unhealthy snacks in red plates. The colour of your crockery makes a difference. Red functions as a subtle stop signal that works outside of focused awareness and thus reduces incidental food and drink intake. People are more likely to drink in blue, white, or green glass rather than in red glass. Red colour crockery triggers stop down reaction to your brain. 


Many simple lifestyle changes help you to lose weight. You may eat breakfast regularly, and not skip a meal, chewing the food slowly, avoid eating in front of electronic media, take food in small plates and drink more water etc. 

These are a few simple changes that have a massive impact on your weight loss journey for the long term.

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