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How to Effectively Lose 10 Pounds in a Month

Weight loss is a journey that can slowly achieve. Quick and fast loss can have dangerous effects on your health. Skipping food would not help you in weight loss. Healthy foods in small portions would help you in weight loss. 

If you lose weight by adopting healthy habits, then you will probably make it your lifestyle. Healthy eating would feel your body healthy and more active. Everyone loses calories by their stamina, so it varies from person to person. Keep your focus on how you feel, not on how you look because everyone has different stamina. 

So here, we will discuss how you lose weight by keeping yourself physically and mentally fit. 

Drink water:

Start your day by drinking water, and water has numerous health benefits that no one can neglect. Drink clear water a gallon is a step towards a healthy diet and boosting metabolism. If you drink water before every meal, then you will feel full faster and eat less. Drink water is healthy for body metabolism as well as healthy for your skin. Never skip any meal, try to eat healthily full of nutritious food in small portions.


Daily exercise will make you feel active throughout the day. Morning walk and exercise in the garden will make you feel fresh and gives you inner peace. Start walk every day at least 10 minutes; then, you can gradually increase exercise time. Make sure you feel comfortable, and when you start seating until then, do not stop walking. 

Eat almonds:

Almonds and nuts are full of protein. If you eat almonds before a meal, then you feel less hungry and eat less. Trick your brain by eating healthy protein full foods, so you do not feel the craving. A small amount of fat is right for your brain and health. Small portions like 5-6 almonds before meals will help in eating less and ultimately helps in weight loss.

Stop when feeling full:

Chewing food also helps to boost metabolism. More chewing, and when you feel satisfied and start feeling full, then stop. Overeat at one time will lead to weight gain, after having a meal try to walk for some time so that food will quickly digest. 

After some time, your stomach will adopt healthy changes in your body. Hunger pangs will also suppress by eating healthy food. Try to eat simultaneously every day so that body biological activity will adopt a healthy lifestyle. By doing these small changes, you will lose 10 pounds in a month quickly. 

Avoid white food:

White flour, white rice, white bread, white pasta, etc. these all stuff will gain your weight. Keep in mind that you are on the journey of weight loss in a month. Replace the white stuff with fresh colored fruits and vegetables. Fruits have fresh, natural color which looks attractive. Replacing food with healthy fruits is the best source of weight loss.  Fresh fruits with their rind like rink of apple, the cucumber they boost up metabolism. Fresh juices and fruits are healthy for weight loss.

Eat a healthy meal:

Include protein and cut down carbs from the meal will help you in weight loss. Calculate the calories you eat and keep reminding yourself that you are on a weight loss journey. Eat healthy protein enrich food e.g., fish, eggs, etc. in breakfast. Healthy food will surely give you energy and feeling healthy. 

Avoid snacks:

 Many times you feel craving for chocolates and snacks after a meal. The best thing to avoid these cravings is to eat fresh fruits and veggies. When you eat some fruit as a kind of snack, it slowly becomes your habit and adopts the healthy eating habit. Avoid deep fry foods and fast foods. 


Keep reminding yourself why you are on this journey and your moto to start this weight loss journey. Daily check your weight. Make exercise a part of your daily routine life. Exercise will make you healthy and removes depression and anxiety from your body. Calculate your calorie intake and burn more calories. Make sure you are losing your body fat, not your muscle mass. The weight loss journey is comfortable and makes you healthy and active. Your health is your success. Stay healthy! 😊 

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