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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

After pregnancy losing, weight is like a challenge for women. They gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, and after childbirth, they want their body shape to be like before. Half of your weight loss is right after giving birth to your child. 

A newborn has 5 to 10-pound weight usually, and women gain 25-35 weight gain during pregnancy. Many hormonal changes are occurring in your body, which are the causes of weight gain. It’s not accessible to birth a human from a human. Many things move and stretch, and the growth of many changes in organs occurs, and that is okay. 

Do not rush for weight loss because the baby is at breastfeeding and getting food from you. So you have to take care of your health and eat healthily. If it takes one year to lose weight, then it is also okay. 

So here, we will discuss how you lose weight gradually?

Take time for weight loss:

You have just given birth to a baby at least for two months do not think of the weight loss. It may sometimes take longer for some women to recover. Your baby is breastfeeding, so take a healthy diet and do not think to burn the calories. Take calories from fruits, vegetables, grains, fats. 

You may have a little exercise for some time in a day when your doctor clears you for physical activity—women who are breastfeeding need to take extra calories for their baby. Do not think to burn calories than you need. 


Breastfeeding itself helps you in weight loss, but if you try to quick weight loss, then it may affect your health and low production of milk. Just calm yourself and one or half-pound weight loss every week is enough. Never compromise on you and your child’s health. 

During breastfeeding, your body is working and doing extra work, but when you stop breastfeeding, your body has to do less work. Weight loss becomes slow after stopping breastfeeding. You will notice that weaning also decreases your appetite, and you eat less, so continue eating less, but good eats will help in weight loss. 

Sleep well and restress:

Newborn babies do not sleep at night, and most of them start crying at night time. Due to sleepless conditions, you will gain weight. You are worrying at night time, mostly due to your newborn, consult with a doctor about the baby crying at night. Sleep is essential in any condition for your health. Weight loss after giving birth is essential; otherwise, you will become lazy with time. You lose weight gradually, so try to use lavender oil at night time for better sleep.  

Little exercise:

Once you are ready to start losing weight and your doctor permits you. A healthy diet with little exercise is best for losing weight. A little exercise will help you to lose extra body fat, not your muscles. Fast weight loss is hard to do and not healthy for yourself. 

Start doing little exercise daily, and you will see gradual changes with time.  Moderate intensity of exercise is good for the body. Sitting or lying in bed will probably give you weight gain, remains active in lifestyle for sustainable weight loss. 

Pillow underbelly:

This remedy is something funny, but it works for belly fat loss. Sleep on the stomach and put the pillow or cushion on your belly for 5 minutes a day. Repeat the process daily; you will see a positive change in your belly after some time, and the positive results will shock you. 


You took 9months to gain weight and give birth to a human being. Giving birth is not easy, and there are lots of hormonal changes occurs. Now it seems to be like a challenge for you to again back to that average weight. Be realistic and adopt the changes because your belly becomes softer than before giving birth, and hips become wider. 

Do not panic on the shape of the body, and do not rush to lose weight. As gradually you gain weight now it also takes some time to lose weight. Enjoy your baby, and do not look at your tummy! 

Apply the tips as mentioned above; after some days, you will see gradual changes in your body. Enjoy the little creature who adores you. 

Stay happy with the beautiful baby! 

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