How to Stick to a Diet: 6 Ways to Make It Work

No one wants to start dieting because it seems to like an image of hunger and chewing of celery or to do some fat diet, but the best thing is to do believe in trying to eat a healthier diet. Never starve but eat healthier food. 

There are some ways to stick to a healthier diet. Your brain plays a significant role because the brain makes most of the decision of your day, including what you eat or exercise you do. But if you want to lose weight, and your mind and body are not on the same page, then that is a significant loss for you. 

The best thing to do is when you have a mealtime, remember the last meal you ate because if you remember that meal you will eat less, but if you forget about the last meal you ate, you will eat more. This is how your brains help you to stick to a diet and start eating healthy, here are some tips and tricks 

Motivate yourself every day:

The critical thing to do is motivate yourself and never start a diet if you have not a skill how to motivate yourself or your mind to start eating healthier, how to withstand with craving and mouthwatering times, how to move back on track when you make a mistake. 

Motivate yourself by creating a long list of why it is necessary to lose weight, and why are you trying to do it. Benefits of having a diet and for a healthy lifestyle. Motivation list could place or attach at that wall of your room, where you see more, or on your phone screen lock if you use more mobile phone, etc. 

When you see motivation at everywhere this will directly create an impact on your brain, and when eating junk food, you will ask from yourself either to eat this or not, such a great motivation and reminders will help you to stick to eat healthy and positive.  

Diet at gradual steps:

Do not overhaul your food overnight. It will highly recommend changing your diet in small steps. For example, drink water instead of soda or sugary drinks, and eat fruits instead of candies or energy bar. These small changes in your diet once adjusted, then make another a week or two later. This small and gradual changes in diet will make you help to eat healthier, and you will start eating healthy gradually.  

Eat healthily and enjoy every bite of the meal, chewing is the most important part which we do not notice because the more you chew the food, the quicker it gets digested, and it will boost metabolism. In a small step, it will be helpful for you to start eating healthier, and once it becomes your habit, you will go it with the flow.

Love the food you eat:

Stop looking for the perfect meal you loved before; like junk food, etc. do not eat healthy food just because you are on a diet, eat them because they are fit for your body and you love them. This is just a way to trick your brain into enjoying healthy food.  Find the food you love that are healthy like almonds, berries, oatmeal, salads, yogurt etc. or you like Salman, grass-fed beef, walnut and you will stick with the diet much longer. 

When you go to restaurants, choose healthy food first so that after eating that you will feel little full and eat less other food which is not in your diet. This is the way to play a trick with your brain and craving to choose a lean cut of meat, grilled not fried meat with steamed vegetables or lentil soup or something like that.

Out of sight:

Keep the food having high calories out of sight, because when you see the food you remembering that taste and you start mouthwatering then you start craving for that food. Forget about the feeling of junk food or high calories food and think about the time after eating that food you will feel lazy and want to sleep instead of eating veggies, and you feel healthy after that. This is how you can motivate yourself and giving a reminder to yourself to stick to a diet. No one can do it for you, and you can do it by yourself. 

Cut the food in small pieces:

By cutting the food into small pieces creates an illusion in your mind that you are eating more food which in turn causes the feeling of fullness and in this way, you will eat less. Cutting the food into pieces is a trick to eat slower, which feel you done when you are full. 

Avoid having snacks with TV:

When you are watching TV, your brain focused on it, and it will block the feeling of fulfilment. So when you are eating something after sitting at the TV, then it continues for several hours because when you start watching and eating same time, then a series finished then you start watching the other series, and it continues. It is the leading cause of your laziness and weight gain. Try not to eat before TV and only eat when you are focused on eating not any other entertainment. Focus on food will make you feel full when you have done, and these are some easy and simple tricks to make fool to your brain and start eating healthy. 


Change your mentality about nourishment and eating. Perceive that you can eat anything you desire at whatever point you need OR you can be slenderer. You can’t have it the two different ways. Always try to keep the motivation in your mind and keep on moving. The results are not instant try to find joy in living a healthy lifestyle. Take care of yourself and be confident about your body because one day you will achieve the target; you are going to have it for your entire life. So LOVE it! 😉 

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