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The Leptin Diet: Does it Work?

Leptin is a hormone that secreted from fat cells that helps to maintain body weight. The level of the leptin in your bloodstream that controls your appetite, body weight, and metabolism. The leptin diet is the conscious eating plan. The leptin diet allows you to eat a wide range of healthy fruits and vegetables. Specific lifestyle changes like do not eat after dinner, wat three meals a day, avoid carbs and sweetener, eat protein in breakfast, etc. 

Guidance of the leptin diet:

Leptin diet is healthy eating and avoiding unhealthy food. It allows a wide range of vegetables, fruits, protein, meat, chicken, etc. whole fruits, fiber-rich suggested as dessert. You can also eat nuts, butter, cheese, and olive oil, which are essential for your body as fat. 

Avoid sugar, fructose, grain, and processed food, which are unhealthy for your health. Replace the grain carbs with the low sugar and grain carbs. Take more omega-3 and eat protein at breakfast.  

How does leptin work?

Leptin hormone directly communicates to the brain and send a single that you have eaten a lot and prevent you from overeating. When your appetite is low, your brain starves, and hunger increases. When your brain sends signals to you to take more food, and thus you burn calories at a slower rate.

There are leptin supplements that do not contain the leptin hormone. It is unclear either the supplements work for weight loss or not. Leptin supplements have become quite popular in recent years because the studies show that it helps to decrease appetite and ultimately helps for weight loss. 

Does it help with weight loss?

 Obese people have more leptin hormone in their bloodstream than ordinary people. The higher the level of leptin, it seems that it gives a signal to stop eating, but it does not. There is leptin resistance that does not allow your brain to recognize it and thinks you are still hungry. As a result, you continue to eat, and this slows the rate to burn calories. So taking a supplement of leptin is not a matter, but how your brain interprets the leptin resistance signal is more important. So taking leptin in a pill that increases leptin does not lead to weight loss.

Risk of leptin diet:

Like other diets, it isn’t easy to stick to a leptin diet because you have to eat those that do not satisfy you. It’s essential to consult with a dietician before starting a diet because if you are an active person in your life and eat fewer calories because it is not suitable for a teenage and more energetic person. The best is to consult your health dietician. A dietician will guide you accurately on how to eat, which timing is best to eat, and how many meals you should take according to your weight.

Natural way to weight loss is highly appreciated:

There is some easy healthy eating, which leads to weight loss fast without eating any pill. 

        Increase physical activity; it may increase leptin sensitivity. 

        Decrease excessive sugar because it may worsen the leptin resistance. 

        Eat more fish, which improve leptin sensitivity and helps in weight loss.

        High fiber cereals suggested, it also helps to weight loss.

        Take a stress-free sleep at night and avoid eating triglycerides; it helps in weight loss. 


Leptin is a hormone released from the fat cells and tells your brain that you should stop eating. Obese people have to face the leptin resistance, their level of leptin has risen, and their mind does not recognize; thus, they overeat.  Leptin pills do not improve leptin sensitivity and, therefore, are not facing weight loss. You can lose weight by having positive changes to your diet and lifestyle, and healthy eating will probably improve leptin senility and promote weight loss.

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